NMTC Global Resilience Industry Seminar

Seminar will discuss the growing social, economic and technological challenges and international opportunities of the 21st century

Looking Forward Research & Development

National Minority Technology Council

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
Washington DC

3:00pm - 4:30pm
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 

Building Intelligent, Community Integrated, Service Delivery Systems

Current U.S. legislative and policy change efforts are making changes to how citizens receive and utilize benefits.  Learn how government reform efforts are now underway.  New systems must be created and industry will lead innovation efforts to support government program offices. 

$25+ Billion

7 Year Revenue Growth Potential

Industry Size

Total Annual Combined Revenue


# of Employees

Total # of Employees working for Minority Tech Firms


# of Companies

Total # of U.S. Minority Technology Company Employers


Minority Technology Industry at a Glance

Hear from our International Leadership

The United States of America is by far the largest trading partner with Canada.  Changing Demographics now has some of the largest cities like Toronto with the minority now the majority population.

NMTC has begun an international membership initiative to create opportunities for collaboration and trading partnerships.

$217+ Billion

Estimated U.S. Imports to Canada

Grant currently serves as President of UNIFAI Solutions, an international NMTC Associate Member.  He also was named as a NMTC Senior International Fellow.

Grant Sojnocki
NMTC Sr. Fellow

Radcliffe Dockery
NMTC Sr. Fellow

Rad currently serves as Vice President of UNIFAI Solutions, an international NMTC Associate Member.  He also was named as a NMTC Senior International Fellow.

Mr. Melvin P. Foote is a pioneer in the field of African Affairs. He has over 35 years of experience and has worked in over 30 African countries. And he is recognized as a leading expert on issues related to African policies and programs.

Event Special Guest
Melvin Foote, President
Constituency For Africa

Tech-Africa Research Project

Building Trusted Networks that Work

Lorne will lead a discussion on how contractor team arrangements can benefit our industry.

Vendor Governance is an internal procurement management system that facilitates teaming relationships between the minority technology industry and our public/private sector trading/research/service delivery partners.

Lorne serves as an NMTC Senior Fellow and CRO.  Lorne is also the Managing Director for eGRC.COM, a global governance, risk and compliance consulting service.

Lorne Joseph

NMTC Chief Risk Officer

Vendor Governance

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